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MICHAEL GORDON has taken his alto and chased and caught every mood, floating lyrically over the sunny bay and descending to its darkest, most congealed waters. His long travels and time spent with carnivals of Asia, in squats and streets of New Orleans, and teaching the difficult, devious, and destined in the Los Angeles schools have gained him a unique breadth of vision.


SPENCER SAVAGE has created a matchless rhythmic underbelly and counterpoint to the compositions, by turns driving and ambient, that always perfectly captures the full range and intent. He is equally a matchless percussionist, a writer with a unique poetic ear, and an improvisational musician performing frequently in L.A.'s flourishing experimental scene. Equally important, he's been a co-producer, mentor, and unwavering friend down the years to the fevered of heart and the frankly mad.


Violinist REBECCA LYNN visited 'Soledad' at night's edge, now its spare wind choruses haunt in poplar leaves forever, and 'Firelight' knows when a skirt drapes ever so gracefully, and when the banshees scream.


NILSIE SHIELDS's bass lines say everything that needs to be said about them, the far hills seen past the stony orchard from the rutted road, and the breaths of the rented lovers while the taxi bottoms slap sparks off the asphalt into the January night.


NATE SCOBLE wrote these here songs, sings them, plays guitars, arranged violins and horns. Hopes everything -- noosphere and planet, that is -- turns out all right.

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