Firelit Hearth


'Firelight' is thirteen fully-aged songs of The Beautifull Place, wine of a time and place apparently long gone but it's equally sure it's here forever--known from the inside, known by firelight, as the wind blows.


Known by those who rent and do not own, at least in the usual sense. Needed by those for whom the future is equal parts nightmare of sequestration and rain through cedars onto the roof. It's understood the past was never this rosy, and it was where we jumped and kissed on a big wooden porch tasting a loudness no one claims is dancing in their yard today.


Original comments prepared on this topic possessed a bitter tang gone beyond now, for there's enough ugliness lobbying in the capital and the infected land. Instead of this empowered pus of Bible gun money, we're going to have citizens, boys and girls of blackleather hearts that know of scum but turn to gold. We choose to know that this dump will remain The Beautifull Place, this land is ours from the inside.


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